Research on the scheme of identifying 5G indoor and outdoor co-frequency interference based on 4G data


At present, China Mobile mainly carries out 5G network construction based on 2.6GHz frequency band. Since the room subsystem and macro station share 100MHz spectrum, indoor and outdoor interference with the same frequency will have an adverse impact on the perception of 5G users. This paper proposes a technical scheme for rapid identification of outdoor 5G high-interference cells based on 4G measurement report, which can be used to identify 5G indoor and outdoor high-interference cells. Research analysis and test verification show that the scheme can quickly detect and locate the indoor and outdoor interference coverage problem, which is helpful to develop network optimization measures.

At present, China Mobile's 5G indoor and outdoor network is based on the 2.6GHz band's 100MHz bandwidth, which is the same frequency network. Field test data show that: in the 5G indoor and outdoor network with the same frequency, outdoor strong interference signal with the same frequency has a great impact on the indoor cell. It can be seen from FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 that when the indoor level is more than 5dB higher than the outdoor level, the download rate loss of the indoor cell is generally less than 15%. When the indoor level is more than 5dB below the outdoor level, the influence of outdoor interference on the performance of the compartment download rate can reach 45%.

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