• multiband antenna, application,high gain antenna,617-4000Mhz siso panel antenna

  • outdoor applicaiton dual band 2.4&5.8G wifi antenna.

  • An important measure of the performance of any communication channel is the information-theoretical capacity. In a SU-MIMO channel, capacity is a function of the maximum amount of information that can be transmitted as the available bandwidth with limited transmission power. In SU-MIMO channels, it is generally assumed that the total power distributed among all transmit antennas is limited. For multi-user MIMO channels, the problem is a bit more complicated. Given the constraints on the total transmit power, different fractions of the total transmit power can be allocated to different users in the network. Therefore, for any value of the total power, you get a different information rate. Figure 7 shows the relationship between the information rate and the number of antennas.

  • The 2022 Mobile World Congress (hereinafter referred to as 2022 MWC) will be held in Barcelona, Spain from February 28 to March 3, local time. The exhibition focuses on six themes of 5G connection, AI evolution, cloud network, financial technology, Internet of Everything and emerging technologies. Each MWC provides a broad stage for the world's leading technology companies to showcase their latest products or solutions.

  • In preparation for 2022, the new 5G network is about to launch in Las Vegas, and the company plans to serve 25 major markets and 100 smaller cities by the June buildout deadline.

  • Since the indoor distribution system and the macro station share the 100MHz spectrum, indoor and outdoor co-channel interference will adversely affect the perception of 5G users. This paper proposes a technical solution to quickly identify outdoor 5G high-interference cells based on 4G measurement reports, which can be used to identify 5G indoor and outdoor high-interference cells. Research analysis and test verification show that this solution can quickly find and locate indoor and outdoor co-channel interference coverage problems, which is helpful for assisting in the formulation of network optimization measures.

  • This paper starts from analyzing the background and necessity of 5G+4G wireless network collaborative construction, and points out the natural advantages of 5G+4G collaborative construction, such as frequency, equipment, and site location. On this basis, the key technologies of 5G+4G wireless network coverage coordination and capacity coordination are analyzed, and a coordinated networking scheme is proposed. Based on this scheme, it can not only meet the current 4G network capacity challenges, but also build a 5G leading competitive advantage.

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